Yet Another Boring Website

Posted Sun Jan 13 @ 01:18:32 PM PDT 2013

Two months ago I finished my word search generation algorithm, and put off creating a website revolving around it. After building bingobaker, and crosswordlabs, I really did not want to build yet another simple word game website. All the fun is building the algorithm, not writing the CRUD interface.

But I spent a few hours over the last couple weekends, and built it: Word Search Labs. I put very little effort into it (I didn't even make a logo for it). I did, however, make the word searches solvable online. So when you view one, you can click and drag your mouse across the letters forming the word. Really exciting stuff...

I'm thinking my next project ought to be another iOS app. I paid $99 for a dev license from Apple, but since Scuttle Words is free, I haven't recouped my costs yet.

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