MySQL Behaves Like a Gas

Posted Sun Nov 25 @ 04:20:35 PM PDT 2012

Earlier this year I bought a (used) server with 16 gigs of RAM. This was a huge upgrade from my little virtual machine with 1 gig of RAM. I thought the 16 fold increase in memory would last me quite a while. But I was wrong. MySQL obeys Boyle's law: It will expand to fill the available space (i.e. RAM).

Less than 200 megabytes of RAM is available, and half my swap space is being used. Two thirds of the RAM is being consumed by MySQL, and Apache comes in at 17%. Fortunately, my web applications are still snappy. But my ibdata1 file continues to grow (it's 14G now), and eventually RAM will definitely be an issue.

A 32 gig pack of cheap RAM for my DL360 G5 comes in at about $1k (more than I paid for the server)...

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